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Address: Development Zone, Wucheng County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province

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General Manager: Zhu Lianjun

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Fixed assets

8000 ten thousand


2002 year

Company Size

63 people

         Shandong Hongda Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was established

in 2002 and is committed to the development, design and manufacture of road construction machinery and equipment. Road construction machinery equipment and road construction materials have been formed. The two major business entities,

our goal is to become world-renowned Road construction machinery equipment technology enterprise.

          The company is mainly engaged in modified asphalt equipment, modified emulsified asphalt equipment.......

After sale

After receiving customer feedback, quickly arrange personnel to arrive at the scene, free inspection, and lifetime maintenance until the customer is satisfied.

Strong team

School-enterprise cooperation with universities has laid the foundation for research and development of product technology.

Experience rich

18 years of highway engineering construction experience, equipment research and development experience and other machinery manufacturing experience.

Customer satisfaction

Tailor-made equipment according to customer needs, and undergo testing by third-party agencies, and promise to meet user standards.