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What are the requirements for modified asphalt equipment?

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The production process of modified asphalt is complicated, so high requirements are placed on the processing technology and automatic control system of modified asphalt equipment. The modified asphalt equipment produced by our company uses PLC as the core controller and industrial control computer as the upper computer to precisely control the process parameters of the system to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the equipment. With Kingview as the monitoring software, the effective supervision of the production process is realized.
         For the modified asphalt processing technology, the modified asphalt equipment is mainly composed of an asphalt swell tank, an asphalt pump, a high-shear colloid mill, an asphalt valve and a pipeline. Other processes include: mixture process, shear grinding process, and secondary grinding process.
        It should be noted that due to the high viscosity of the modified asphalt, it is easy to adhere to the inner wall of the pipeline and the swell tank. Before each shutdown, a small amount of matrix asphalt should be used to clean the swell tank, pipelines, pre-mill pump and mill.