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Analysis of the composition system and main characteristics of modified asphalt equipment

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Our commonly used modified asphalt equipment mainly includes SBS modifier addition system, matrix asphalt rapid heating system, matrix asphalt transmission system, one-time shear grinding qualified colloid mill system, pipeline purging system, thermal oil furnace heating system, modification Systems such as development of asphalt and stabilizer addition systems. The asphalt modification equipment has the advantages of reliable quality, stable performance, accurate measurement, and convenient operation. During the use of this modified asphalt equipment, it has the following characteristics:
     1. Colloid grinding and fixed cutter head guide groove diameter are specially designed to greatly improve the flow rate of modified rubber powder asphalt. After metal processing heat treatment, high hardness, suitable for cutting rubber particles with high elasticity to improve fineness.
     2. The amount of rubber powder added can reach 25-30%, which is 1-2 times that of general processable rubber powder modified asphalt equipment;
     3. As a result of technological upgrades, the ability of rubber powder to modify asphalt has also been greatly improved.