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Reasons and solutions for poor blanking of modifier in modified emulsified asphalt equipment

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Modified emulsified asphalt equipment is a type of road construction equipment, which is often seen in major road construction now. Although the performance of the equipment itself is very good, the phenomenon of blanking of modifiers sometimes occurs in practical applications. So what causes it? How to solve it?

    The analysis shows that the modifier in the modified emulsified asphalt equipment is a typical polymer substance, which is sensitive to temperature, and the temperature in the swell tank is often above 180 ° C. Therefore, the modifier easily adheres to the spiral feeding. On the blanking trough on the upper part of the device, the accumulated blanking is not smooth as a result. To this end, we have installed a 10m high temperature guide tube on the top of two parallel swell tanks. Due to the high temperature guide tube, a certain negative pressure is formed on the hot air in the tank, so that most of the high-temperature gas is discharged from this tube Outside the tank, the temperature of the lead material portion is effectively reduced, thereby making it difficult for the lead material portion to adhere to the modifier material. At the same time, the processing of the guide plate of the guide part is improved to a structure that is easy to dismantle and clear the material. Once adhesion occurs, it can be quickly removed manually for cleaning, and it can be quickly restored to its original state and put into operation after cleaning.


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