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Several product characteristics of emulsified asphalt multifunctional equipment determine the scope of use

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Asphalt is widely recognized as a good waterproof material, but the original asphalt has the disadvantages of low temperature brittleness, high temperature flow, and poor anti-aging performance, so it needs to be improved through technology. Emulsified asphalt is an asphalt emulsion formed by dispersing asphalt with fine droplets in a certain amount of water after the asphalt is melted in the modified emulsified asphalt multifunctional equipment by the action of emulsifiers and machinery.
     1. Emulsified asphalt has a wide range of applications and almost touches various pavement structures in road construction, maintenance, and maintenance construction, such as stone chip seals, sticky oils, and penetrating oils.
     2. There are more and more varieties of raw materials for making emulsified asphalt, so the price shows a downward trend, which reduces the engineering cost.
     3. The product has good penetration and penetration ability, which can effectively improve the quality of the road.
     4. It is liquid at normal temperature, avoiding repeated repeated heating, reducing the loss of asphalt quality, and creating conditions for cold construction.