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(General) Asphalt Emulsification Equipment

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Shandong Hongda's asphalt emulsification equipment is a device for producing emulsified asphalt and (SBR) modified emulsified asphalt. This equipment has the advantages of high degree of automation, convenient movement, and wide range of uses. It is widely used in road and bridge through-layer adhesive layer sealing construction and building waterproofing industry.
Application areas Shandong Hongda asphalt emulsification equipment can produce SBR modified emulsified asphalt (external admixture), high-permeability emulsified asphalt, ordinary emulsified asphalt, suitable for modified emulsified asphalt adhesive layer (SBR latex modification), through-layer spraying, road stone Preparation of building waterproofing materials such as nitrate sealing layer, cold mix, cold recycling, etc.

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Word of mouth Shandong Hongda asphalt emulsification equipment is widely used in emulsified asphalt adhesive layer (SBR latex modification), penetration spraying, slurry sealing, cold mix, cold recycling and other building waterproof materials, and according to different process requirements and actual needs Processing and manufacturing, so that each equipment has a distinctive professional quality. It takes only 5-10 minutes for each ton of water to warm up to the use temperature quickly (the heat source is normal) to ensure that the hot water is continuously supplied. Easy to move The device adopts the overall frame structure, which is simple to install and easy to move.

Technology highlights
1.Energy saving Constant liquid level
① Water heating system The heating system adopts an automatic control system, and the air temperature is controlled by pneumatic valves to meet the process requirements.
② The liquid level adopts a self-controlled liquid level gauge to control the water to be kept at a specific liquid level, so that the production water can be extracted at any time.
2. Hot bitumen is supplied to the asphalt heating and transfer system in a sufficient amount. The system uses a dual-tank alternating mode, one tank is prepared for one tank. Both tanks use temperature control systems.




3.Emulsion deployment automation
① Hot water is added to the emulsion blending tank after metering with an electromagnetic flow meter, and the hot water is accurately metered and automatically added.
②Emulsifier is added to be weighed automatically, and the emulsifier pump is automatically sent to the mixing tank with a high suction pump.
③ Hydrochloric acid is also a highly corrosive and dangerous substance. Considering the safety of the operator and the needs of the process, the addition system uses automatic weighing and automatic addition.
④ The liquid level control part of the emulsion tank is installed in the tank of the blending tank, and displayed and transmitted remotely. Level control of ingredients and output signals.
⑤ PH online monitoring system, accurately grasp the pH of the emulsion in real time, to avoid production failure.
⑥ The latex, emulsifier and hydrochloric acid are added using variable frequency addition technology to avoid inaccuracy caused by high-speed pump shutdown and symmetric weight system impact, and ensure that the added amount is within a certain error range.
4.Constant liquid level in emulsion storage tank
The liquid level of the emulsion storage tank is used to control the entry of the formulated emulsion, so that the emulsion can be continuously and continuously produced.
5, put an end to running and dripping
① Asphalt pump adopts the product of domestic asphalt pump standard drafting unit. This type of pump is the standard equipment for domestic asphalt transportation.
② The lotion pump uses the products of A-share listed companies with high quality and no worries after sale.
6, strong corrosion resistance: emulsifier pumps, soap pumps and pipelines are all made of 304 stainless steel or PPC material, which has a good anticorrosion effect, and has strong corrosion resistance in the absence of chlorine atoms With 10 years).
7. Good thermal insulation effect: Both the water heating tank and the matrix asphalt tank are insulated with aluminum silicate thermal insulation material, which has good thermal insulation performance. The asphalt pump and the asphalt pipeline are embedded with heat-conducting oil pipes to heat them. And Seiko outsourcing, beautiful and generous.
 8, intelligent control, accurate flow ratio

Asphalt and emulsion measurement use flowmeters, and the signals are transmitted to the central control system. The real-time flow data of asphalt and emulsion are transmitted to the industrial computer PLC, so that the PLC can precisely adjust the speed of asphalt and emulsion pumps to control the asphalt and emulsion flow. In order to achieve accurate solid content ratio. 9.Emulsifier grinding is fine and uniform
◆ Stator and rotor are made of SS316 stainless steel, which has better resistance to acid and corrosion.
◆ The stator and rotor use rectangular teeth, from the inside to the outside: the tooth shape changes from large to small, and the backlash becomes denser and denser, so that the shear forms a gradual shear, ensuring particle fineness and uniformity.
◆ The gap can be adjusted, the minimum emulsification fineness can reach 0.1μm, and the average emulsification fineness can reach 1-5μm.
◆ Adopt imported skeleton seal, which has excellent sealing performance, and the entire equipment has no leakage.


 HTC HD-LRS Series Asphalt Emulsification Equipment







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Residue on the sieve (1.18mm sieve)

Not more than 0.1%

Not more than 0.1%

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Not less than 40%

Not less than 50%

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