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Asphalt sprinkler truck

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Main configuration of emulsified asphalt spraying equipment
※ Tank body: Q235 carbon steel plate, thickness is 4mm, capacity is 4.5m3, there is reinforced support inside, external insulation. The capacity is determined according to the bucket of the selected vehicle, and the shape is oval.
※ Diesel engine: 18 horsepower diesel engine. Start with power.
※ Heating device: electrically heating the heat-conducting oil medium to heat the asphalt pump and pipeline
※ Generator: Domestic 6.5 kW gasoline generator.
※ Spray control part: a set of general control valve, the maximum spray width is 3.7 meters, the main spray arm is centralized control, the spray width can be adjusted arbitrarily within 0-3 meters
※ Spraying arm lifting device: one set, height adjustable.
※ Asphalt pump: heat-conducting oil insulated asphalt pump 12m3 / h, with clutch.
※ Gas pump: It is attached to the diesel engine, a set of gas storage tanks, and the control and pipeline cleaning provide the gas source.
※ Asphalt filter: one set.
※ Pneumatic manual dual-purpose butterfly valve: three sets.
※ Rotating float ball level gauge:
※ Variable speed drive mode: clutch, V-belt drive.
※ Spraying arm: a set of removable type, the maximum width is 3700mm, the main arm width is 2000mm, single spraying and single control.
※ Nozzle: 304 stainless steel.
※ Asphalt sprinkler chassis: one set, integrated with the car body.
※ Spray gun: a set of hand-held spray guns.
※ Tool accessories: a set of maintenance tools, a set of instruction manuals, and corresponding accessories.

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