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Colored asphalt equipment

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Colored asphalt equipment

I. Equipment Introduction:
   HDCL series colored asphalt equipment is a modified asphalt production equipment designed by our company for the conditions of frequent mobile operations and on-site non-thermal oil boilers. The equipment itself has heating and stirring capabilities, and rubber powder (or other additives) is automatically loaded. Function, with weighing and batching function, finished product pumping and other functions.
Application field: This equipment is suitable for the production, development and storage of various rubber powder modified asphalt, SBS modified asphalt, colored asphalt, and is widely used in asphalt modification in road construction.
Equipment composition:
    It mainly consists of tank body (including insulation layer), heating system, automatic temperature control system, weighing and batching system, rubber powder feeding system, mixing system, and finished product pumping system.
Third, equipment superiority:
 Heating system: The equipment uses a diesel burner as the heating source, a flame combustion chamber is built in the tank, and a heat-conducting oil heating jacket is set outside the combustion chamber. The tank is provided with two sets of heating pipes, a smoke pipe and a heat-conducting oil coil. The high-temperature flue gas generated by flame combustion heats the asphalt through the flue in the tank. After the heat-conducting oil is heated, the heat-conducting oil circulation pump forces the heating through the heat-conducting oil coil in the tank asphalt. Good heating capacity, uniform heating of asphalt.
Automatic temperature control system: the start and stop of the burner is automatically controlled by the temperature of the heat transfer oil and the asphalt. The tank is equipped with an asphalt temperature sensor; the heat transfer oil pipeline is equipped with a heat transfer oil temperature sensor; each temperature sensor corresponds to a digital (temperature) display controller, and the current measured temperature and setting are visually displayed on the liquid crystal display in the form of liquid crystal numbers. Constant temperature, the upper and lower limits of the temperature of the heat transfer oil and asphalt can be freely set according to the production requirements. When the temperature of the asphalt or heat transfer oil reaches the set temperature, the burner automatically stops, and when the temperature of the asphalt and heat transfer oil both drops to the set temperature The burner starts automatically; the burner and the heat transfer oil circulation pump have a linkage lock function, that is, the burner must be started in the running state of the circulation pump. If the circulation pump stops working for some reason during normal operation, the burner will also stop;
 Dosing and weighing system: The equipment is equipped with a high-precision weighing sensor. The main part of the equipment is on the weighing sensor. It can accurately and intuitively display the current measured pumped asphalt and the input rubber powder on the liquid crystal display in the form of liquid crystal numbers. Weight, easy to grasp the accuracy of the ratio.
 Rubber powder feeding system: The equipment is equipped with a screw feeder. The rubber powder is automatically fed by the screw feeder into the equipment.
 Stirring system: The equipment is equipped with a high-power horizontal squirrel cage stirrer. The stirrer can be disassembled in sections, easy to maintain, stable rotation, low failure rate, not easy to leak, large stirring radius, no mixing dead angle, good mixing ability, and will not cause The deposition of rubber powder or other additives, whether it is the bottom of the tank or the material floating on the liquid surface, can be fully stirred.
  Finished product pumping out system: The equipment is equipped with a high-power asphalt pump, which can quickly pump out finished products to finished product tanks or loading vehicles.
The asphalt pump suction line is provided with an asphalt filter, which can remove impurities in the asphalt. Asphalt pumps and pipes are heated by heat transfer oil.


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