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Burner Asphalt Tank

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Introduction: This product uses the unique local fast heating technology and fully enclosed automatic operation program. It adopts burner heating, which not only has extremely fast heating speed and extremely low fuel consumption, but also requires no preheating, cleaning, and automatic dehydration. The operation is particularly reliable and safe, and no asphalt pollution occurs during the entire heating process.

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Performance advantages:
1.Environmental protection: Fuel heating, diesel burners are imported from Italy Black & Decker.
2, energy saving: district heating, suitable for a small amount of asphalt heating.
3. Efficient: Adopt unique "pipeline technology", large heat exchange area, improve heating efficiency by 30%.
4, high cost performance: reduce customer equipment investment, complete functions, suitable for maintenance engineering use.
5, easy to operate: heating, internal circulation, dehydration, one person can easily operate.
6. Convenient transition: monolithic structure, transportation and installation.
Recommended reason: History: This product was invented in 1996. It is a patented product that has been awarded the "Scientific Progress Award" and "National Invention Award" in Shandong Province.
Fast: heated for 1 hour for the first time, high temperature asphalt can be used.
Clean: Automatic operation is fully enclosed, without oil pollution and exhaust gas.
Province: 5 kg of diesel boil 1 ton, saving money, time and labor.


YLG series asphalt tank technical parameters
model YLG-30 YLG-50 YLG-100
Tank volume
Can be customized according to container size
31.8m³ 55.7m³ 102m³
Tank diameter 2200mm/2600mm 2200mm/2600mm 2200mm/2600mm
Heated to 160 ℃ 1/h 1/h 1/h
Production method of high temperature asphalt Continuous output Continuous output  Continuous output
Single heater production capacity 3-8t/h  3-8t/h  3-8t/h 
Supporting power 9 kW 9 kW 9 kW
Fuel consumption <5kg/T <5kg/T <5kg/T
Emission index Meet environmental requirements Meet environmental requirements Meet environmental requirements
heating method burner burner burner
Insulation coefficient 10℃/24h 10℃/24h 10℃/24h


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