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Modified asphalt emulsification equipment

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Introduction of modified asphalt emulsification equipment
Shandong Hongda Modified Asphalt Emulsification Equipment is a set of all-purpose asphalt emulsification equipment that can produce various modified emulsified asphalt and ordinary emulsified asphalt. It has the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection, intelligence, convenient movement, and wide range of uses. It is widely used in road and bridge construction and waterproofing industries.
Application area
Shandong Hongda, modified asphalt emulsification equipment can produce SBS modified emulsified asphalt, high viscosity emulsified asphalt, high permeability emulsified asphalt, SBR modified emulsified asphalt (both internal and external mixing), ordinary emulsified asphalt, suitable for high construction requirements Modified emulsified asphalt sticky layer (SBR latex modified or SBS modified high viscosity emulsified asphalt), through-layer spraying, slurry sealing, micro surface (modified emulsified asphalt with solid content of more than 63%), cold mix , Cold recycling and other building waterproof material preparation, spraying quick-setting rubber waterproof asphalt preparation, etc.

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Recommended reason
① Can meet the requirements of high content and fineness:
● 30-68% ordinary emulsified asphalt
● 30-68% modified emulsified asphalt (latex blended),
30-50% emulsified SBS modified asphalt (except for unsuitable emulsified SBS modified asphalt)
● Less than 5 microns occupy more than 90 ﹪
②Environmental protection: The inlet of the colloid mill is sealed, and the equipment is fully closed to prevent leaks.
③Intelligent: automatic control of asphalt, emulsion and other ingredients, automatic protection, error-free operation, automatic and accurate adjustment of asphalt content in real time, simple operation and accurate ratio.
④ Efficient: Instant heating of water and asphalt to ensure supply.

Technical highlights:
1. Automatic heating: Shandong Hongda automatic asphalt emulsification equipment can automatically control the heating of asphalt and water by pneumatic valves to ensure the production conditions of emulsified asphalt.
2, automatic batching: Shandong Hongda automatic asphalt emulsification equipment batching, through industrial computers, water, emulsifiers, latex and other additives are added to the metering tank in accordance with the proportion of addition to complete the accurate measurement of emulsion additives.
3. Online pH measurement: Shandong Hongda Fully Automatic Emulsified Asphalt Emulsifier detects the emulsion pH through an online industrial pH meter, and can add acid or other pH-adjusting substances according to the specific requirements of emulsified asphalt production.
4. Automatic feeding: Shandong Hongda full-automatic emulsified asphalt equipment displays and controls the full liquid level of the mixing tank and emulsion tank through the magnetic flap liquid level meter to ensure the continuous operation of the unit.
5. Automatic ratio: Shandong Hongda fully-automatic emulsified asphalt equipment inputs signals to the industrial computer through the metering of the emulsion flowmeter and asphalt flowmeter, and controls the flow rate of the asphalt pump inverter and emulsion pump inverter to the two media through its calculated output signal. Perform closed-loop control. The production volume and asphalt content are completely produced according to customer settings. Save asphalt for customers.
6, automatic operation: Shandong Hongda fully automatic emulsified asphalt equipment through the industrial computer to control the above several points of emulsified asphalt production, the equipment is fully intelligent and fully automatic operation. Operators only need to easily monitor the production screen, which greatly reduces labor intensity and customer labor costs.
7. Finished product cooling and heat recovery

Technical parameters of GRS series modified asphalt emulsification equipment
model GRS-10 GRS-15 GRS-20
productivity 10t/h 15t/h 20t/h
Total electrical capacity 63.54kw 85.8kw 112.2kw
Dimensions (mm) 10800×2300×2590 12000×2300×2590 12000×12000×2590
Total weight of the whole machine 6000kg 8000kg 11000kg
structure type Monolithic Monolithic Venue
Residue on the sieve (1.18mm sieve) Not more than 0.1% Not more than 0.1% Not more than 0.1%
control method (Optional) PLC touch screen, fully automatic PLC + Industrial computer, fully automatic PLC + Industrial computer, fully automatic


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