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Smart Sprinkler Unit

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Introduction of smart sprinkler
I. Structural characteristics and working principle
Asphalt spraying truck is composed of automobile chassis, insulated asphalt tank, auxiliary engine, transmission system, piping system, asphalt pump, heat transfer oil heating system, intelligent operating mechanism, rear spray rod and handheld spray gun system. The main working process of the spray truck: the asphalt pump sucks the asphalt from the asphalt melting tank into the tank by the asphalt pump, transports it to the work site, and heats the asphalt to the working temperature through the heating system: operates the intelligent control mechanism, opens the spray valve: through the asphalt pipe Nozzle, the asphalt pump sprays the asphalt on the road at a certain spreading rate and a certain spraying pressure.
Detailed introduction
1.1 Control part: manual control box in the background, a set of cab touch screen, PLC microcomputer control.
1.2 Speed ​​measurement: imported radar speedometer.
1.3 Asphalt tank: It consists of tank body, insulation layer, heating pipe, heat-conducting oil pipeline, liquid level buoy and fixed frame. The tank body is a long tube with an elliptical section, and the tube is surrounded by a thermal insulation layer, and a layer of stainless steel plate is wrapped outside the thermal insulation layer. In order to observe the amount of liquid in the tank, a buoy is built in the tank, which is connected to the scale outside the rear wall of the tank through a rod, so that the height of the liquid level in the tank can be measured
1.4 Asphalt pump: Asphalt pump consists of an external meshing gear, casing, shaft, bearings, etc. The power take-off transmits power to the asphalt pump through the hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, and sprocket coupling through the transmission shaft, and the asphalt is circulated and sprayed through the inlet and outlet.
1.5 Heating system: The heating system consists of heating pipes, heat-conducting oil coils, expansion tanks, exhaust pipes, and flues. The heat transfer oil is heated by the burner, and the heat transfer oil recirculates and heats the asphalt in the asphalt tank and the pipeline, and the asphalt in the asphalt pump.The temperature in the asphalt tank can be read through the thermometer.
1.6 Transmission system: Asphalt spraying transmission system is composed of auxiliary engine, automatic clutch, transmission shaft, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, hydraulic motor, asphalt pump, and heat transfer oil pump. The vehicle uses hydraulic transmission to ensure smooth system transmission and reduce mechanical failure.
1.7 Piping system: The piping system consists of an asphalt pipeline and a thermal oil pipeline. Valves for heat transfer oil pipelines are generally not provided; asphalt pipelines include small circulation and spraying, and their functions are as follows:
● small loop
● See the schematic diagram of the pipeline for details
● Asphalt spraying
● See the schematic diagram of the pipeline for details
● Manipulating the lifting mechanism
● Spraying rod lifting mechanism is realized by manual spiral lifting device. The spraying rod needs to be lifted during transportation, and the spraying rod needs to be lowered during construction;

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