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Tailor-made equipment according to customer needs, and undergo testing by third-party agencies, and promise to meet user standards.

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2018 Asphalt emulsification equipment at micro-surface at Hebi

2017 modified asphalt emulsification equipment in Ningjin

2016 modified asphalt emulsification equipment sold to Kyrgyzstan

In 2006, customers from Gansu Dingxi visited Hongda Company to inspect and purchase equipment

In 2019, modified emulsified asphalt equipment was sent to Yichuan

2018 modified asphalt equipment in Handan

2017 rubber powder modified asphalt equipment in Chengdu

Waterproof equipment in Shunyi District in 2016

In 2016, 3000-type asphalt debarreling equipment was sent to Outer Mongolia

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